Everspace 2 Ships List: All Ships from Each Class (2024)

You’ll need to be aware of which Everspace 2 ship is best suited for you as you explore the void of space filled with local warlords, conflict-hungry aliens, and deranged cultists. Worry not because there are ships equipped to fully take on the tasks of fighting whatever hostile entity is blocking your way and finish the job. On this guide, we’ll show you the ships from each class in Everspace 2.

All Everspace 2 Ships

Here are all the Everspace 2 Ships categorized from what class they belong in:

Light Class Ships

  • Scout: A subclass of the light fighter class ships that focuses on mobility and long ranged sniper-esque combat.
  • Vanguard: A subclass of the light fighter class ships that puts focus on mobility and speed with good defensive measures.
  • Stinger: A subclass of the light fighter class ships that can overpower its own devices for a small amount of time.

Medium Class Ships

  • Interceptor: A subclass of the medium fighter class ships that focuses on its primary weapons to deal damage.
  • Sentinel: A subclass of the medium fighter class ships that places focus on using consumables and devices to change its potency mid-combat.
  • Striker: A subclass of the medium fighter class ships that excels in close quarters, dog fights.

Heavy Class Ships

  • Gunship: A subclass of the heavy fighter class ships that puts all its focus on high damage and high durability at the cost of its speed and maneuverability.
  • Bomber: A subclass of the heavy fighter class ships that has high explosive damage at the expense of its speed.
  • Vindicator: A subclass of the heavy fighter class ships that can uniquely use drones to deal damage and has the highest speed of its class.

Each class of ship has its own unique playstyle and access to a good variety of different equipment combinations and abilities to cater to how you want to play. There are ships that specialize in different areas, which is why it’s important that you know how to pick which of the Everspace 2 ships is right for you.


As one of the fastest and most mobile ships even in its own class, the Scout is great for those who like to move without restrictions. Due to how fragile it can be compared to other ships, it’s better used for long-ranged combat when it can have the reach advantage. Its weapon modifications further complement this by enhancing its ranged capabilities and granting it concealment to mask its presence.


Without giving up speed or defense, the Vanguard is good for hit-and-run tactics on the front lines. This ship can reliably deal critical damage to enemy ships by targeting their engines and then using its impressive acceleration to quickly move away to safety.


As the only one of the Everspace 2 ships that disregards safety protocols, the Stringer is a bit of a risky gambit to play. This ship can overlevel its own devices, which can grant it great power for a short period of time. It takes advantage of its light frame to immediately escape fights when it’s in danger.


A medium-sized subclass fighter ship that uses fuel that should be reserved for its engines to power its weapons. The Interceptor can use this to its advantage by unleashing a nonstop barrage against enemy ships.


The Sentinel is a ship that prioritizes nothing and opts for a well-balanced offense, defense, and speed. This medium subclass fighter ship offers a lot of customization in all parts that can make it excel no matter the environment.


A ship that specializes in fighting close quarters in space. The Striker can make quick work of enemies that enter its range and use its specialized thrusters to quickly chase after would be escapers.


Like its name, the Gunship is a heavy subclass fighter ship has the most guns out of any ship. It has a modified turret and additional weapon hardpoints that really make it a priority to be the end to any ship unfortunate enough to face it.


The Bomber is a heavy subclass fighter ship that stores warheads on itself. Its thick armor make it a tank throughout space at the cost of its speed and mobility.


One of the more unique Everspace 2 ships, the Vindicator can use drones to attack other ships. It has the highest mobility and speed of its heavy subclass.

How to Purchase New Everspace 2 Ships?

Everspace 2 ships can only be bought from ship dealers, whose stock rotates as time goes on. There are five ship dealers in Everspace 2. Various ships can be purchased at different tiers, with higher tiers costing more.

Ship dealers will sell a new ship every 7 minutes and completely renew their stock after 56 minutes. If you have a ship you want to buy, you don’t have long to wait until it’s gone. Thankfully, it may come back after the ship dealer’s store rotates again.

Here’s where you can find every Ship Dealer in Everspace 2:

  • Nepthys Plains: Nepthys Plains Station
  • Prescott Starbase: Freelancer Hangar
  • Noah Damaris Starport: G&B Union Branch
  • Letho Starport: Coalition HQ
  • Coalition Cargo Terminal: Ships & Supplies

Those are all the Everspace 2 ships listed. We hope you managed to pick a favorite.

Check out this Youtube video from Smotus.

Everspace 2 Ships List: All Ships from Each Class (2024)


What is the best all around ship in Everspace 2? ›

The Vindicator is the best Heavy ship in Everspace 2.

The Vindicator's Reanimator ability allows players to construct up to five combat drones to support them in battle. These drones persist through jumps, so it isn't necessary to rebuild them every time the player enters a new area.

What are the classes of ships in Everspace 2? ›

Everspace 2 offers several different ships to pilot, but they all fall under three classes – Light, Medium and Heavy. There are nine ships in total, each with strengths, weaknesses, and Ultimates that make them worth trying. Let's take a look at each of their loadouts.

What is the highest tier in Everspace 2? ›

Tier: a higher tier means it has better attributes as well as a higher credits value at ship dealers. The possible tiers are I (common), I+ (uncommon), II (rare), II+ (prototype-rare), III (superior), III+ (prototype-superior), and tier IV (legendary).

How many ships can you own in Everspace 2? ›

The selection of ships from this dealer at any given moment is the same at all beacon locations, but the freighter's smaller size limits the options to 3 ships at first (improved to 6 ships at perk level 4).

What is the best ship in Everspace 2 early? ›

Vindicator, Bomber, Striker, Interceptor are all generally considered very good. Gunship and Scout are also considered good by many.

Is the Carrack the best ship? ›

The Anvil Carrack is one of the best multi-crew ships in Star Citizen and is one of the most versatile in its class, however, this does come at a cost.

What is the easiest ship in Everspace 2? ›

Vindicators are probably the safest and easiest ships in the entire game. Drones not only attack enemies for you but can also draw aggro away from you.

Can you find S class ships? ›

Use An Economy Scanner And Find A Trading Post

After landing in the Trading post, you will have to wait for the game to start spawning different ships, eventually, you'll see No Man's Sky S-class ships. You can scan them in the air to find out. If none appear, just reload the game in that same spot!

Where to buy Tier 4 ships in Everspace 2? ›

And when you max out his ship dealer perk, the Kato shop, and only the Kato shop will sell Teir IV ships.

Is the bomber any good in Everspace 2? ›

Equip a warhead onto this ship and expect it to deal crazy damage to your enemies. Although it boasts impressive firepower capabilities, the bomber compromises a bit too much on its speed, and without the right skill you might even end up getting surrounded and overwhelmed by enemy attacks.

How many hours is Everspace 2? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Everspace 2 is about 31½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 72½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Are Everspace encounters worth it? ›

This is a very solid piece of DLC. A stunningly beautiful game that is significantly enhanced in content and replayability by the Encounters DLC. If you enjoy trekking through Everspace's varied space environments in search of loot and adventure then the Encounters DLC is a must-buy.

Are there capital ships in Everspace 2? ›

Outlaw Destroyers are a capital ship-class Outlaw enemy in Everspace 2. They are identified on the heads-up display by a diamond and triangles icon. Elite Outlaw Destroyers feature as the bosses of level 7+ High-risk Areas in regions with Outlaws as the primary enemy faction.

Can you trade in Everspace 2? ›

Commodity Trading

There are a dozen commodities available in Everspace 2, ranging from ramen to medicine to cybernetic implants, and each location will buy and sell these commodities for different prices.

Can you buy new ships in Everspace 2? ›

Everspace 2 players hoping to acquire a new ship will first need to complete several sections of the main story. Specifically, they must complete all the main story missions up until Spares and Scrap.

Can you go to planets in Everspace 2? ›

Hello, ES2 doesn't really have open maps so much as a wide variety of instances and some big and small maps knitted together by the cruise map. Some planets are visitable, but they are confined to maps a few dozen KM in size.

How to get better ships in Everspace 2? ›

The types of ships made available for a player to purchase from any given Ship Dealer are determined by the player's level, with higher-tier ships only becoming available once the player's level is sufficiently high.


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